Fuerteventura Weather

Fuerteventura's weather can be summarised by two words: Windy and Sunny.

The wind, which at times can be irksome, is in fact a blessing. The wind prevents the island from being an unbearable cauldron of heat and has the additional benefit of making Fuerteventura the ideal resort for Kite Flyers, Windsurfers and Kitesurfers.

That being said, the wind, nor indeed the sun, doesn't always bless us and occasionally we do have our cloudy and even rainy days so it does make sense to keep an eye on the weather forecasts however predictable they normally seem.

Thanks to The Fuerteventura Weather Station for the following 8 Day Forecast. Much more Fuerteventura Weather is available on their site.

Fuerteventura 8 Day Weather Forecast

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